RedCanvas LTD is just one dedicated guy that works from a home built studio, designing, printing and framing everything in-house on his jack jones (thats British slang for "on his own").

My name is Rami, I'm a guy in his early thirties from West London and I started this business back in 2012 because I found a huge niche for truly awesome looking, exceptionally high quality bespoke photo collage prints.

So I set out to get work as a canvas printer, mastered the skill, saved a whole bunch of (not much) money, purchased everything I need and came up with a simple concept for my business: I will custom design collages from scratch and print on the highest quality canvas possible.

The photo collage design has to be high in resolution, the photos must be arranged based on the content of each photo and each photo must be fine-tuned so that all the photos look great together (colour, tone and brightness). No templates. These designs are to be made by placing one photo at a time. A sort of digital hand-made authenticity. 

Problems!! Most computers cannot handle the huge size of these design files at 900dpi. Most canvas material are awful. The print never looks amazing. 

I did a lot of research, spoke to manufacturers printing for top artists and designers working in New York and London. I decided I had to print on the same materials as they did. So I found an importer of US made Award-winning Breathing Color Lyve canvas. The canvas prints started to look amazing. 

My thing: Side Text was my first innovation for the Photo Collage Canvas Print

My thing: Side Text was my first innovation for the Photo Collage Canvas Print

After that, I upgraded my computer so it can give Usain Bolt and Einstein a run for their money. Now I was able to work with extra large high resolution files without 5 minute pauses every time I moved a photo. 

The individual photos started looking exceptionally detailed and clear in print!!! 

Finally I thought,  I need my "thing", that thing that makes me different:

So I innovated the idea of adding text along the sides of the canvas. I HAD MY THING!

I have since innovated a few great collage products such as the Word Art Collage which combines photos with words as an ideal birthday gift solution. I rethought the common ideas such as the Heart Shape Collage and the Text Collage, pretty much reinventing the design and finishing process and I know, no one does them as well.

I have personally designed and made over 1500 collages and surpassed the 10,000 hours of pure Photo Collage Design & Printing

I look forward to designing yours 

P.S. if anyone genuinely cannot afford my prices, please contact me and I will give you a discount.