Personalised photo on canvas and photo collages

The Standard Custom Designed Collage

Designed from scratch, each collage is truly unique. We arrange the collage one photo at a time, taking in to consideration the content of the photo and the overall balance of the collage as a singular piece. The style of the arrangement is chosen by you and any special requests are welcome, in fact we encourage it. For example, customers commonly ask for a particular photo to be the centre piece of the collage. All this is discussed by email, after you make your purchase. Finally we are proud to be the first to ever utilise the sides of the canvas frame to add a title to the collage. This is perfect for names, dates, places as well as quotes. Don't feel limited in any way, if you want us to add text on the front we are more than happy to do so. Sizes range from 16x16 to 20x40, landscape is the standard orientation but portrait is also an option.

The Heart Shaped Collage

heart canvas collage

This is one of our most popular products and we strongly feel we have taken the concept and dramatically improved it. Like all our photo collage products, we don't use any automated software to do the final arrangement but individually place each photo where we feel it best fits the overall composition, taking into account how photos overlap so no faces are obstructed. Other stores are selling the heart shaped collages with 100 photos, these are simply too crowded and unrealistic. Through experience we have found the magic number to be 45 - 65 depending on the canvas size, this is perfect balance needed to make sure that each photo is large enough to be appreciated whilst still giving a great heart shape. We also print at very high resolutions allowing incredibly high detailed images to come out sharp and clear.


Personalised Photo on Canvas – Wedding Photo & Words

The idea here is to celebrate the greatest day in most peoples lives which is always professionally photographed. These photos are far too good not to be printed on large premium canvas. What we also like to do though is allow you to personalise it with dates, names, quotes as well as wedding vows or a best man speech. We will show you a few different designs based on your requests and then once you're 100% happy we will print this onto lush award-winning archival certified canvas.

The Instagram Collage

Our latest product is simply a grid arrangement of the square Instagram photos. We can also convert your standard photos into square photos with added filter effects to give it the classic Instagram look. As with all our collages you can personalise the sides of the canvas frame with text. If you would like any photos to be made larger, they have to be double the size across and down, and you would simply need to send 3 less photos for ever one large photo. As an example, the 20x20 Inch Instagram collage requires 49 photos. To have one photo made large as a centerpiece, you simply need to send us 46 photos. These look amazing and as standard we are doing these on dark grey backgrounds which added a cool modern edge. You can also replace photos with letter blocks to spell out some text.

instagram collage canvas

The Split Canvas Collage

Another unique idea originally created as a request for one of our first customers. This is basically two or three slim panoramic 8x24 Inch canvas collages with up to 14 photos on each. The 10x30 allows up to 20 photos on each. Having two or three collages allows you to show different aspects such as three generations of a family, or three different years at university. Otherwise just have three because it makes a very unique and great looking wall decoration.