FAMILY PHOTOS - Text Collage

A 20x30 Inch Text Collage covering many decades of family photos designed into the word FAMILY. As with all my collages, I custom designed this from scratch and showed 10 fonts for the customer to choose from before i got started on this. I love it for its simplicity and purpose, a near perfect example of why I think a photo collage is an essential part of any home. 

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The Wedding Photo and Wedding Vows Combo....

I still think every wedding has the makings of a brilliant photo collage thanks to a few hundred professionally shot photographs where everyone is in their best attire. The canvas shown here is another great way to remember the greatest day. The vows that are written are just as important to the couple as the visual memories and this combines both in spectacular fashion...or subtle and classic, whatever you like. #weddingphoto #weddingvows #canvasprint #weddingpicture #photocollage @red_canvas_ltd #redcanvas  @redcanvasltd

Mickey Mouse Photo Collage Canvas Disney Holiday- 20x24 Inch

What a great way to collate and display this family Disney holiday. Approximately 50 photos here on a 20x24 Inch canvas. As always I custom designed this from scratch and if you want one you need to order the Map Country Shape collage  although I am considering adding it as a product on its own. 

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Word Art Photo Collage Combo - A personalised birthday gift idea

WIth my latest product I wanted to design something completely new that would make for a quicker and easier solution for a very personal and creative birthday gift. To make it easier it needed to rely on less photos. I know a lot of customers will have to go through their friends Instagram or Facebook to get some of those photos so its easier if 5 - 30 photos is enough. The Heart Shape Collage requires 45-65 for example. SO this would already make it quicker and easier.

I decided to make the gift for a friend's birthday and I went ahead and brainstormed a few different concepts for a brand new innovative collage on canvas. The resulting idea that stuck was combining the popular Word Art print with an oddly shaped photo collage. I believe this is the first of it's kind and the results came out really well. The Word Cloud that surrounds the photo collage is a great way to describe the person or refer to events and objects that have a certain meaning or memory attached. 

Continuing from the visual style of the Instagram Collage, I went for gray canvas colour as standard but a lighter shade. 

All aspects are customisable from the fonts to the colours of both fonts and canvas and generally I will show more than one style for the customer to choose from.  

With as little as 5 words and 5 photos anyone can order a custom Word Art Photo Collage which will put a huge smile on anyone's face when the see it. I would recommend you aim for a minimum of 15 photos and 10 words 

The beloved Heart Shape collage...Perfect gift for him or her

...or maybe just perfect for her but she will still buy it for him if they live together (at least that was the joke a customer once made, fully admitting she was really buying herself a gift). I recommend the Word Art for guys or girls but of course it depends on the person. You can always get the Heart Shape Collage with dark gray canvas which "bloke's" it up a bit. 

I thought I would do a quick write up on this one, a 20x24 Inch Heart Collage Canvas. It celebrates 30 years of a siblings life and has a perfect mix of old and new photos. None were of a particularly high quality but all had great colour contrast and character associated with classic looking photos. New digital photos can be a touch cold which is probably why Instagram became so successful. 

Heart Shape Collage 20x24 Inch 85 Photos Red Canvas LTD.jpg



Photo Collage 70th Birthday Celebration

Birthdays seem to be the lifeblood of my business and the Text Collage is the perfect choice for numerical milestones. 18,21 and 30 being the most common ones I have made. But none look as interesting as a seven decade spanning photo collage, below is a great example I recently did for a repeat customer. She requested to have her family sign it with messages which I placed all around the 70 filling the gaps perfectly.

A 20x30 inch Text Collage canvas with approximately 100 photos

A 20x30 inch Text Collage canvas with approximately 100 photos

Unfortunately the canvas had originaly arrived damaged, which rarely happens. Luckily i had one more day before the deadline so I immediately made and shipped a second copy and dispatched it for a Saturday delivery. No additional charge for the customer, never. Any product is 100% guaranteed. I even UBERed a canvas to get it to a customer that very day after missing the dispatch deadline the night before. Its important for me to deliver more than what a customer would normaly expect. 

If you would like one go to TEXT COLLAGE


The Instagram Photo Collage Canvas 20x30 inch

Still one of my personal favourite photo collage, Instagram collages never fail to look striking. With our unique additional features, such as the 2016 in the top left corner (Block Text) or the larger photos that take a 2x2 grid space, our Instagram collages are designed to be both artistic as well as a modern celebration of life. More so that any other collage, these are an immediate statement of our times. Instagram has never been bigger than it is now. 

an 8x12 grid with 4 large photos and 4 block texts on a 20x30" canvas

an 8x12 grid with 4 large photos and 4 block texts on a 20x30" canvas

Thirtieth birthday gifts - The Big Three O Collage Canvas

This one stood out for me as it was the first I had been asked to do where the photos weren't arranged randomly. Normally, when arranging our unique Word Art Collage, I tend to go for an abstract design that feels like it spirals organically from the center. In this case the customer wanted to gift her sister for her thirtieth birthday and requested I arrange the collage into the 30 numerical shape. It was a first and I found the results were very striking. 

Dark gray is my personal favourite colour for the canvas, it contrast colours better than any other colour and for this it does an exceptional job of making all the text and vivid colours pop. This example is a 20x20 Inch Canvas with our standard 38mm thick gallery frame which as you can see has our unique Side Text which is a great way to personalise a collage

Text Collage - Gifts that freeze great memories and dispalay them

People are often defined by their hobbies and the activities that consume their everyday life outside of work. With these passions that consume our lives are photos that tell the story from when a kid first kicks a ball to the day he make his school team to the moment he makes scores the winning goal. We like to think that our collages are one of the few and best methods there are for capturing these great moments and collating them in a way that can be displayed for decades. 

The photo collage canvas is a unique gift idea that is easily achieved through access to your friend or families facebook account. You can download all the photos from there and we can turn then into a work of art.

Your friend will be amazed when they see the final result. We are often told the photos look better in print than they did at the start. When I personally design these, I like to make the photos sit well together, a balance sense of brightness, contrast across all the photos. I work hard to get the overall look to be sharp and clear in print but on a more micro level I also like to make each photo be its individual best. That means restoring old damaged photos or removing date prints that are often found on modern digital photos. Whatever is needed. 

 20x40 Inch Text Collage Canvas 

 20x40 Inch Text Collage Canvas 

This 20x40 Inch Text Photo Collage was a gift to celebrate the husbands time in a poker tournament TV Show in the US.  

The 100 photo Text Photo Collage Canvas

With our Text Collage, we arrange the photos by placing one into the width of the letter, recommending 8-12 photos per letter. Different fonts allow for more or less photos and the only way to fit more is to go for a 20x40 or 20x50 Inch Text Collage and then we can fit 2 or 3 photos in the width of the letter and overall the photos won't be too small. 

Personally I love this unique font and recommend customers to try one of our more alternative fonts to create a more artistic overall design. Fonts are shown to the customer after the purchase is made. 

20x40 Inch Text Photo Collage 100 photos

Twins - A 30x40 Inch Split Collage Canvas

We have a limit of 20" maximum on one side and up to 50" on the other so when a larger collage is called upon then we recommend doing a split collage canvas

This custom designed canvas collage is designed in a STRAIGHT WITH GAPS style as opposed to Angled & Overlapping. These choices are presented to the customer after the purchase is made via an email with visual examples. A total of around 200 photos were used to make this photo montage and designed across two canvases. 

It was agreed that each should have its own design and that they do not need to match up next to each other, but it is possible to have the gap lines match across both canvases if needed. 

Custom collage with added Filters on a Panoramic Canvas

A close friend of mine decided to celebrate all his adventures through his twenties leading up to his thirtieth birthday. He wanted an even wider panoramic canvas than I normally supply and that was the birth of the 20x50" option . We discussed taking it a step further and I suggested we mix in the Instagram collage style of adding Filters to the photos which really help make the colours stand out and  the quality of the images appear far richer.

When I start designing a custom collage, I always look to find suitable photos to be extra panoramic and central. I also look for photos that can be made to stand out and give the collage some focus. The customer can always swap these afterwards and chose their personal preferences. The panoramic along the bottom middle was the starting  point that I used before branching out and adding one photo at a time like a puzzle until every photo was perfectly fit.

A Wider Heart Shape Collage

Recently I decided to introduce a wider canvas size to allow for more photos for the every popular Heart Shape Collage Canvas.  The new 20x24 Inch canvas size allows for an additional 20 more, thats 85 photos. 

We always give a flat background colour option but in this example I wanted to try something different and faded the pink form the dark to light as it it comes in from the edges. 

This particular example is arranged in the Angled & Overlapping style, as opposed to straight, meaning the photos are placed angular and overlap around the edges, however I do this carefully to guarantee that nothing important is covered form any photos. Its this sort of attention to detail that makes a RedCanvas heart collage stand out. 

Three Panel Split Canvas - Celebrating 50 years

It's been a while since I have had an order for a split collage canvas and this one stood out as the best yet. The customer requested a collage to celebrate his parents 50 years of marriage and played a big part in the overall design you see, including the appropriate gold outline, text and heart. 

With all our Custom Collages, you can request anything in terms of the design and I always look forward to getting stuck into something different. For this one, I was asked to create something for the central canvas depicted a Heart and 50 years with gold. I sourced a very high resolution gold texture image to use which resulted in very sharp and detailed print with eye-popping colours.

As this contained a lot of old photographs that have been scanned, some of these had lost colour and had gotten damaged over time. All these were carefully restored to an authentic tone and colour and the crease marks which were visible were all removed with no trace. Bringing old photos back to life is an essential part of our collages, after all we do this so you can cherish and show off your favourite photos. So the must be exceptional. 

The background (canvas) colour is in our popular Dark Gray which we find to be the best dark option available. For whatever reason it simply makes all the photos stand out better than Black which comes off too harsh. 

3x 12x30 Inch Photo Collage Canvas

3x 12x30 Inch Photo Collage Canvas