How the bespoke photo collage could be the most personal and memorable gift

How the bespoke photo collage could be the most personal and memorable gift for any occasion. The sentimental gift is the holy grail of special occasions nowadays. Public perception dictates that all presents are too commercialised and emotionless, and that to be a truly important gift, it must carry some kind of personal meaning. Agree with this or not, it's undoubtedly true that a gift which touches someone's heart is one that will be treasured above most others. As a designer-manufacturer of bespoke photo collage canvas prints, it's not only my belief but my passion, too, that a photo collage has the potential to be the most personal of all presents.

Custom designed photo collage on canvas with 100 photos

Here are a few major events where such a gift would live long in the memory afterwards.

Mother's day gift 

It may be a stereotype that mothers always appreciate something personal from their kids, but sometimes the stereotypes do prove true. A heart-shaped collage would be the obvious choice here, as it would display the feelings of affection this day is meant to epitomise. But I also feel that a word art collage could suit such an occasion too, as not only would it contain pictures of memorable moments, but it it would be surrounded with a word cloud that best describes them.

Presents for grandparents and family

Grandparents aren't always easy to buy for, yet they often appreciate sentimentality more than other members of the family, particularly from younger children. Also, such a present is particularly convenient for the eldest members of your family as they are likely to have more years of photos that desperately need a place to be truly shown off. A custom designed photo collage showing three generations of your family is the perfect gift for yourself, your grandparents and your siblings. A perfect family collage.

Young Couples - what to get him or her ?

As sweet as such a gift is on its own, it also enables millennials to bridge the gap between the digital that engulf their every minute and real worlds, fusing their lifestyles together through something like an Instagram collage a Word Art Collage or Heart Shape Collage turning them into a work of art that can be displayed in their room. All the friends popping over will instantly comment on the unusually cool collage hanging on the wall. And they WILL want one. SO get your other half a unique, different, cool and very a much personalised gift. 

A WOrd ARt Collage comining photos and words on canvas for a birthday gift
Instagram Collage on Canvas

Birthday gift

As people get older, the words "I don't know what I want for my birthday" get used more and more often, making gift ideas harder to come by. Simultaneously, people tend to accumulate more experiences on the whole. The two factors combined make a custom designed collage - a timeless collection of past endeavours - an increasingly tempting option for a unique gift. Any of our collages are suitable but the Word Art Collage was specially designed to celebrate a person thorough a combination of both words and images arranged in the funkiest of styles. 

A word art photo collage on canvas made for a girlfriend
30 Year Collage Birthday Canvas
Side photo of a word art collage

Wedding gift

Aside from the obvious connotations of romance that a heart collage canvas can provide, I'd say that weddings provide more opportunities than most for people to be original. For instance, one personal touch I like is when a customer chooses to design their collage in the shape of the country the pair are spending their honeymoon in. It's a clever gesture, and one which gives them an object to remember not just the day by, but the aftermath as well.

Split three panel collage canvas

For a more typical wedding or anniversary gift we suggest the Personalised Photo with Text, where your favourite photo will be professionally personalised with your wedding vows or favourite song, even best man speech. It will be cleverly placed to fit onto your photo with added names and or titles and dates. 

Wedding photo on canvas personalised with text