Three Panel Split Canvas - Celebrating 50 years

It's been a while since I have had an order for a split collage canvas and this one stood out as the best yet. The customer requested a collage to celebrate his parents 50 years of marriage and played a big part in the overall design you see, including the appropriate gold outline, text and heart. 

With all our Custom Collages, you can request anything in terms of the design and I always look forward to getting stuck into something different. For this one, I was asked to create something for the central canvas depicted a Heart and 50 years with gold. I sourced a very high resolution gold texture image to use which resulted in very sharp and detailed print with eye-popping colours.

As this contained a lot of old photographs that have been scanned, some of these had lost colour and had gotten damaged over time. All these were carefully restored to an authentic tone and colour and the crease marks which were visible were all removed with no trace. Bringing old photos back to life is an essential part of our collages, after all we do this so you can cherish and show off your favourite photos. So the must be exceptional. 

The background (canvas) colour is in our popular Dark Gray which we find to be the best dark option available. For whatever reason it simply makes all the photos stand out better than Black which comes off too harsh. 

3x 12x30 Inch Photo Collage Canvas

3x 12x30 Inch Photo Collage Canvas