The beloved Heart Shape collage...Perfect gift for him or her

...or maybe just perfect for her but she will still buy it for him if they live together (at least that was the joke a customer once made, fully admitting she was really buying herself a gift). I recommend the Word Art for guys or girls but of course it depends on the person. You can always get the Heart Shape Collage with dark gray canvas which "bloke's" it up a bit. 

I thought I would do a quick write up on this one, a 20x24 Inch Heart Collage Canvas. It celebrates 30 years of a siblings life and has a perfect mix of old and new photos. None were of a particularly high quality but all had great colour contrast and character associated with classic looking photos. New digital photos can be a touch cold which is probably why Instagram became so successful. 

Heart Shape Collage 20x24 Inch 85 Photos Red Canvas LTD.jpg