word art photo collage

Word Art Photo Collage Combo - A personalised birthday gift idea

WIth my latest product I wanted to design something completely new that would make for a quicker and easier solution for a very personal and creative birthday gift. To make it easier it needed to rely on less photos. I know a lot of customers will have to go through their friends Instagram or Facebook to get some of those photos so its easier if 5 - 30 photos is enough. The Heart Shape Collage requires 45-65 for example. SO this would already make it quicker and easier.

I decided to make the gift for a friend's birthday and I went ahead and brainstormed a few different concepts for a brand new innovative collage on canvas. The resulting idea that stuck was combining the popular Word Art print with an oddly shaped photo collage. I believe this is the first of it's kind and the results came out really well. The Word Cloud that surrounds the photo collage is a great way to describe the person or refer to events and objects that have a certain meaning or memory attached. 

Continuing from the visual style of the Instagram Collage, I went for gray canvas colour as standard but a lighter shade. 

All aspects are customisable from the fonts to the colours of both fonts and canvas and generally I will show more than one style for the customer to choose from.  

With as little as 5 words and 5 photos anyone can order a custom Word Art Photo Collage which will put a huge smile on anyone's face when the see it. I would recommend you aim for a minimum of 15 photos and 10 words