Text Collage - Gifts that freeze great memories and dispalay them

People are often defined by their hobbies and the activities that consume their everyday life outside of work. With these passions that consume our lives are photos that tell the story from when a kid first kicks a ball to the day he make his school team to the moment he makes scores the winning goal. We like to think that our collages are one of the few and best methods there are for capturing these great moments and collating them in a way that can be displayed for decades. 

The photo collage canvas is a unique gift idea that is easily achieved through access to your friend or families facebook account. You can download all the photos from there and we can turn then into a work of art.

Your friend will be amazed when they see the final result. We are often told the photos look better in print than they did at the start. When I personally design these, I like to make the photos sit well together, a balance sense of brightness, contrast across all the photos. I work hard to get the overall look to be sharp and clear in print but on a more micro level I also like to make each photo be its individual best. That means restoring old damaged photos or removing date prints that are often found on modern digital photos. Whatever is needed. 

 20x40 Inch Text Collage Canvas 

 20x40 Inch Text Collage Canvas 

This 20x40 Inch Text Photo Collage was a gift to celebrate the husbands time in a poker tournament TV Show in the US.