Thirtieth birthday gifts - The Big Three O Collage Canvas

This one stood out for me as it was the first I had been asked to do where the photos weren't arranged randomly. Normally, when arranging our unique Word Art Collage, I tend to go for an abstract design that feels like it spirals organically from the center. In this case the customer wanted to gift her sister for her thirtieth birthday and requested I arrange the collage into the 30 numerical shape. It was a first and I found the results were very striking. 

Dark gray is my personal favourite colour for the canvas, it contrast colours better than any other colour and for this it does an exceptional job of making all the text and vivid colours pop. This example is a 20x20 Inch Canvas with our standard 38mm thick gallery frame which as you can see has our unique Side Text which is a great way to personalise a collage